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Mud Baths In Dead Sea

Mud Baths In Dead Sea

While the term mud bath may seem like an oxymoron, the black mud from the Dead Sea has been proven to have cleansing and purifying capabilities that actually act to relieve many health conditions. At 410 m, Dead Sea is the lowest place on earth, offering one of the most spectacular and unique natural landscapes to it's visitors with natural therapeutic ability of the mud. The main attraction of the Dead Sea is of course the soothing, abnormally salty water itself with salt content so dense that it makes it impossible for the visitor to sink. Dead sea exclusively holds a unique combination of 20 minerals that leach into the mud and if applied to skin, helps in blood purification, blood flow simulation, skin purification, renewal and strengthening of cells and balancing the skin moisture levels. At Signature Tours, we can help you in customizing an entire therapeutic program for you to experience the tranquility of Dead Sea.

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